The Club

The Golf Club Experience

Frederica Golf Club is a one-of-a-kind golf experience.  The stunning natural beauty of the property begins to unveil itself on the drive up the brick paved path through hole #1 green and hole #2 teeing ground.  Every step taken is carefully considered in advance and executed with extraordinary attention to detail. Staff and members are part of a special family where golf is a way of life and Southern traditions are strong.

Additional Amenities at the Club

While golf is our core, Frederica Golf Club offers our members a multitude of amenities to provide a complete membership experience.  

Below are just some of the additional amenities that members and their guests can enjoy: 

1. The Sean Foley Performance Center
2. Spending the day on Lake Frederica fishing or boating
3. Two of the best tennis and pickleball courts in Glynn County
4. Pool and Fitness Center
5. Three dining options on property
6. Six cottages perfect for guests and golf outings
7. Transportation on and off property



Frederica Golf Club’s insignia is the crossed flags of Great Britain and Scotland and is reflective of the property’s early European history. Soon after General James Edward Oglethorpe founded the colony of Georgia at Savannah in 1733, he began looking for strategic points south of the new settlement to be fortified as protection against the Spanish in Florida.

Sailing south along the Georgia coast, he chose St. Simons Island. In 1736 Oglethorpe established the town of Frederica, named for King George II's only son, Frederick, and began building Fort Frederica. During the next few years the fort became the hub of British military operations along the Georgia frontier. The bold blue, white and red colors of the British Union Jack flew atop Fort Frederica from its commanding position overlooking the Frederica River.

When the Spanish sailed north from St. Augustine to destroy Frederica in 1742, Oglethorpe's troops were too far outnumbered to successfully defend the young settlement. To augment his forces, the General supplemented his regulars with Indians, militia and Scottish Highlanders. The Highlanders, who were skilled and fierce fighters, had lost their lands in Scotland as retaliation for their role in the Jacobite Rebellion. Looking for a new life in the new world, they had founded Darien in 1736, just north of St. Simons Island. Darien can be seen at the horizon across the marsh from the 14th hole. With the Highlanders' help, Oglethorpe defeated the Spanish at the Battle of Bloody Marsh on the eastern edge of St. Simons in 1742, and decisively ending the Spanish threat to Georgia. At that time, the flag of the Highlanders' native Scotland was the azure blue and white of St. Andrews' Cross.

Together, these two flags represent the rich history of the extraordinary bit of coastal Georgia known today as Frederica Golf Club.